Sustain the Label + Feed The Soul Pop-Up


After deciding she no longer wanted to contribute to this global issue, Brooke Morgan, created Sustain The Label. A brand where she could repurpose clothing, giving pieces a whole new life and energy. “I just wanna be resourceful and not wasteful,” she declared. By designing on already used and worn clothing, she is now able to sell pieces with a story. If you are wearing a Sustain The Label article, “You are spreading awareness with every item.”

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“The textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world. In most countries where garments are produced, untreated chemicals and wastewaters from textile factories are being directly dumped into the rivers. Only 15% of clothing is donated and the rest goes into landfills. The textile industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and polyester is found in 60% of our clothing, which when washed releases plastic microfibers into our oceans and rivers, harming animals and humans alike.

The textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

The awareness of Sustain The Label reached the streets of New York City at the pop-up event held on February 9, 2019. An 11th-floor photo studio was transformed into an energy filled shop, photoshoot, jam, and just all-around social. People came and went but the vibe stayed the same throughout. Some were scheduled to model, others were not but did anyway. Brooke approached this very differently from her days of being a stylist. She told the models, rookies and vets alike, “You go pick what you think would look cool on you, what you’re feeling.” This allowed a mass amount of confidence to flow through the room. Despite her pieces being dope, the people were able to add their own flavor, thus bringing a sense of collaboration. Not only did they pose in the repurposed clothing, but they moved too. Dancers freestyled comfortably in garments while looking fly. Being able to see how the clothing moved on bodies added another level to just how sick these pieces are.


Balancing out all of this was Brooke’s boyfriend, Esai Ramirez. Esai’s ohm-symbol inspired logo also adorned some of the pieces at the pop-up. When asked about the creation of his brand, he continued to refer back to balance. He stated, “That’s me. That’s what I’m about.” This was definitely felt throughout the event as more than one person claimed to feel the LA vibe at this NYC function. The West coast couple hopes to bring more collaboration in the near future, after being more than satisfied with the success of their first showing on the East coast. Esai affirmed the event was, “everything we envisioned and more.”

I just wanna be resourceful and not wasteful
— Brooke Morgan (Founder, Sustain The Label)

By balancing sustainability and dope designs, Sustain The Label has been able to present new life to old clothing in an eco-friendly way. Thus giving the wearer a sound conscience and a confident look.


Photography: Gerome Ventura
Additional Photography / Written by: Gabriel De Jesus