Street Fashion at [ARENA LA 2019]

F A S H I O N.







With street wear brands like [OFF-WHITE, ACRONYM, and SUPREME] amongst the endless sea of original fits and team gear, to say that Arena LA is just another dance show would be a complete understatement. The cultures of [DANCE + FASHION] are in never-ending harmony, constantly evolving and influencing one another, evident in the personal styles of attendees and performers alike. The deep appreciation for relatable subcultures of hip-hop contributed to the unique atmosphere that made the Arena experience multi-faceted and representative of various cultures from around the world.

Even if you didn’t show up in your freshest gear, there was plenty of opportunity to stock up. Arena-exclusive merchandise was available for purchase, one featured item being the baseball cap featuring the iconic logos of each event sponsor: Sinostage, Vibrvncy, and Kinjaz. [KIN•AESTHETIK], the Kinjaz’s very own fashion line, added new pieces to their collection, such as the all-black Stealth bomber and Shadow jersey.


Kin Aesthetik leads, Jon Shih, Jawn Ha, and Ben Chung, all dropped their knowledge about their design choices and the history of the brand. Throughout the past 5 years of production, the company grew from making only team-exclusive costumes to having a full collection of ready-to-purchase items, especially upon adding new lifestyle products to their already successful line of clothing. When asked if they had to pick a single item from the entire collection as their favorite piece, they all agreed that it had to be the bomber. 

OG, New ones, kind of almost any bomber, because the moment I receive any new bomber, to me, it reminds me of the time when I got my first bomber, like ‘Cool, Dope this is still part of the [TRADITION]’.
— Jawn Ha

With the production staff always finding ways to design new creators for the collection, recent pieces have catered more towards the performer. Not only does the product look good, it feels good. For their closing performance, [THE KINJAZ] premiered some Kin-exclusive items like a new black coach jacket with red, white, and teal accents. To further enhance the design and performance, glow in the dark threading was used to make the jacket even more visually captivating. Similar to the intricacies of the Kinjaz’s choreography, it’s all about the details! Be sure to follow @kin.aesthetik on Instagram for updates on release dates for these new pieces and a more behind-the-scenes look into the brand.



Although teammates were wearing similar outfits onstage, differences could be distinguished from team to team. Wardrobe ranged from matching earth tones, to outlandish space suits. Not only were the costumes visually stunning, but they intentionally complimented the choreography and concepts of each performance, giving the audience a glimpse into the theme, story, and vibe. Loud costumes amplified intensity and fierce execution, while others took a more subtle approach with muted tones that helped with highlighting movement.

Arena and the Kinjaz are important players in fueling the integration and appreciation of distinctive subcultures that will soon expand beyond LA. Inspiration is a constant flow: from onstage to off, from performer to spectator, from staff to fan; [BRIDGING] the gap between communities at Arena LA 2019.