Going Through the Archive with [STEADY]

Steady PopUp 2019-03999.jpg

Bins were filled to the rim with garments of history. Artistic photos lined the walls. [STEADY], the now special-projects-only clothing company, held a pop-up event in the Lower East Side of Manhattan towards the close of what would be one of the hottest summers on record. The features included archive pieces from the NY-based streetwear brand, as well as artwork from frequent collaborators, [BOAT + BRIDGE] and [BARANGAY BOYS].

Steady PopUp 2019-04075.jpg

During the early PM hours the transformed space acted as a shop, allowing customers the chance to purchase throwbacks from Steady’s legacy. The event was held so, “...we could interact with our community,” Steady Co-owner and Director of Operations, [ADAM SOO] explained, “In addition, with the recent news about climate change, and the impact humans have had on our environment we wanted to do our part in helping keep the earth clean, which is why the pop up was reusable themed, and why we’re donating some of our profits to [4OCEAN].”

4Ocean ~ “a global movement actively removing trash from the ocean and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for a cleaner ocean, one pound at a time.”

Steady PopUp 2019-04137.jpg

What popped up as a shop, became a social gathering at night. All three companies saw homies pull up. “Boat + Bridge and Barangay both came out with tons and tons of their fanbase…”, Adam said, “Any time we’ve held a popup we’ve loved having the people we’ve done work with, come in and hang out.” There was definitely no shortage of this. From inside the spot, to chilling in front, or even on the corner, the support came out on a humid NYC night for Steady.

As for what’s next “On the Radar” for Steady, well your just gotta stay tuned.

“Definitely for those who want to know, expect the unexpected and we’ll have a lot more events and activations for people to come through and have fun at”.