Dance Is A Sport [ARENA LA 2019]

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[STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, and FOCUS] can all be found within any athletic arena. Replace the gridiron, field, or court with a stage and you’ve got Arena Dance Competition. Arena Dance Competition is the highest level of international [COMPETITIVE URBAN DANCE]. Teams from around the world train vigorously in order to enter the Arena at the top of their game.

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B-boys hit power moves as hard as slam dunks. Graceful glides across the stage mirror the agile feet of a running back. Dancers hit beats with the same focus a batter has to hit a baseball. Dancing uses just as much, if not more, physical skill as any professional sport. This level of physical activity requires the proper [EDUCATION] and [CONDITIONING]. Arena Dance Competition acknowledges that the dancers competing are athletes as well. They provide physical healthcare, onsite, through companies like [OFFSET MED] and [BRIDGE OVER WATER]. 

Offset Med is a health care organization specifically designed to help educate [ARTIST ATHLETES] about their bodies and how to keep them conditioned. As well as education, the California based company offers services. Their services range from consultation to physical therapy. If used together, the combination is a valuable tool for not only dancers but for any athlete. At Arena LA 2019 the competitors did not hesitate to utilize the services at-hand. Not only did Offset Med help with any potential injuries but they also assisted with warmups as well. As teams went over their routines, they had the opportunity to get a good stretch in before hitting the stage. Having services like this available at a dance competition changes the game in such a positive way. Just as professional sports teams have at-the-ready physical therapy, dancers need to have services like this available in order to perform at the highest level.

Naturally the nature of competition arises when performing at such a high level.  Along with the high level of competition comes an equal amount of respect. Teams that are given the chance to bless the stage at Arena, not only go hard to win but, they go hard for each other. You might not see another team celebrating a home run or touchdown from their opponents, but you will see a team give their competition props for killing a routine. Seeing a competing team do their thing onstage might just be the fuel a dancer needs to push them to the state they need to be in, in order to leave it all on the floor. Which is something that definitely adds to a performance along with adding to their judges’ scores. Despite it being an [ART] form, there are ways to score and rank dance. Excelling at all the criteria mentioned above can land a team atop their [COMMUNITY], knowing on that one given night they were the best.